Hi, welcome to my travel memoir!

Did you always travel? It is hard to say. I’m a Californian, who grew up in an urbanized suburb and traveled to places thirty miles away before I was five. Traveling out-of-state was out of the question, but I’ve heard quite a bit about the fifty-states goal that made an impression.

In my early twenties and just out of college, I outlined a trip to Chicago. Take the train, seven days in the city, and fly out of O’Hare International. I didn’t understand why “Chicago” always appeared in books, but I booked Chicago since it was closer and cheaper than New York.

At first, it was a little daunting. I was told I might be gunned-down. The city was rundown despite being the third-largest city and major transportation hub throughout American history. Once, my travel friend once saw a lurking figure near the rails at night, and we never went down those stairs again. Our apartment, across from an infamous park, was nicely renovated inside and run-down on the outside. I had to do a lot of research on safety.

Later in the trip, my intuition had a firmer grasp. It was like LA, except rearranged. Same train lines, different places. Same street names, different environment. I even took a bus to the suburbs to see Brookfield Zoo by myself. Since then, I started solo travel, first to New Orleans, then to Portland, and more.

Traveling in my early twenties meant I was growing up on the road. Knowledge and inspiration don’t come from routine. It comes from experiences and living in jaw-dropping moments. Like the time an old lady said, “It’s nice to see color” or when I was filmed on the street.

The majority of my state travel ranged from 2016 to the present when America was going through major cultural changes. Self-empowerment through self-acceptance. Limitless over fitting into boxes. I knowingly went to places where Americans of Chinese descent were rare. Inspired by English writers as a child, I started writing young and embraced individuality.

Through traveling, I built upon who I am and saw America in my perspective as a brunette. I want to share what’s it’s like to travel to all fifty states as an American millennial. While traveling, my mind had mapped out little treasures, unique memories I hope to share on this blog.

What’s Next: 

I’m learning about traveling as I travel. I may write slower than I travel, but I hope to get there! My posts are edited periodically to create better content.

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Adventure Short Stories:

Journey through Manzanar- Five days. Five stories. An alternative winter break, exploring the harsh winter lives of Japanese Americans during World War II.

Chicago, my Windy City- From skyscrapers, boat cruises, museums, Navy Pier, to Frank Lloyd Wright. A vacation in Chicago can be pretty packed, even in ten days.


Journey through Manzanar

Thank you to the student coordinators, park rangers, museum curators, and all who made it possible and welcomed this humanitarian project!

Mom & Dad

For letting me become a young adult.

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